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Clues in the Blues

Rage is what I have, possession of seamless rage, unending spite, an urge to break material all around. Break the air, break the vase, break figures, break everything. Discord lies wither. I had this unending urge to capitalise the last line I wrote. Instead I remembered the good words I laid my eyes once that I never seem to forget.

“All capital sentences in the rapturous world of profession are considered as a sign of aggression.”

Inspite this embedded letters and their significance on my natural existence here I am, venting, or so you can say.

Over the time I have spent to create this piece of writing I have questioned numerous times this entire existence of this thought. The essence if this writing, is it anger, or rage or whatever superlative adjective it is of dissatisfaction?

The whole point of this blog like I call it so, is when I write something dancing around in my head in a mundane, gigantic generalised form. Preventing it to knock my core and make me question every calming thought I posses. I am sure this carries on in your brain too.

It is easier to see, perceive and resolve issues that are intangible to oneself. One feels detached while making a decision or having a didactic opinion before that opinion becomes an action.

How easy it is to convey that you need a new pair of shoes to your friend?

On the flip side you would scuff your existing pair ravaging the shops, before buying the perfect one for yourself. Wait, shops, what am I, 90? Who buys shoes at a shop? Online sorry, before buying one online on some site you can easy return with a click of a button.

So here I am, pondering on the question, like playing a solo game of chess. If it is dissatisfaction then of what? Is it one thing or more than one? If more than one, then how many? Please don’t be more than five because that just shrieks “I am broken”.

While on the second hemisphere of my cerebrum, the more logical, analytical, decisive one, is in a different battle. This creature is in a race to avert the left from hobbling with reason. Making plans to blitz through the dissatisfaction.

Nevertheless it is still time before the sun breaks in the skies above this rut. Decisions will be delivered in some time.

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