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Today’s memory will never fade in my brain. It is like watching a beautiful sunset and the image never leaves you. I learned that the number of people you know or you talk to or millions of friends you make does not make any difference, until each one of them care for you.

To me for a long time there is a quest to make some friends, or just to increase the number. Instead you know what, it does not matter even if every single person in the world is my friend. Eventually I will end up getting hurt by everyone and then whom should I look up to, Aliens?

It is better to have one person in your life who cares and loves you rather than a whole useless bunch of those who don’t.

In mine it is you my dear friend. I love you to the farthest galaxy and back.

I have expressed how much I love you countless times still each time it brings back that endless feeling I had for the first time. Probably till date saying it multiple times seems a habit but I truly mean every word I have ever said.

Also to that account I also recognised the importance of expression of feelings. My  emotions and feelings and expressions struggle for recognition until spilled before you.

Every time I intertwine my feelings and then get knackered dealing with all of them, all I need is you to show the right one. It takes less than zero effort to express anything to you still I don’t do that and then regret till the time I express it.

No matter what this world says, you have been a very necessary part of my living. I don’t know about other sapiens, but I can’t survive without my true friend.

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