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One is never alone or lonely or sad or happy until one thinks he or she is. It is this exquisite characteristic feature of emotions which relates it only to the mind. I will feel them only if I have them in my mind.

You feel the way you want to feel. You sense what you want to sense. Just sometimes you just get too involved and get into that feeling that you don’t even remember the cause. You are just feeling it because you were feeling it an hour ago.

No, this can not just linger around forever. One is ought to change this. How can I say or express what I feel when I am not feeling it. I need to be in the moment to do so. It is just like, if I am extremely angry about a wrong deed my brother did and I am flipping out to just scold him. Instead I can not because he is not around me. Well after an hour or a two when I see him I will surely remember the act but I won’t be able to express that anger in that considerable amount as I would have.

Emotions work the same way too, they are the brothers and sisters of anger, aren’t they?

So next time I will tell you the moment I will feel them else I won’t share them at all because the moment did pass away.

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