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Her hand waving at me, struggling to reach my scope of vision was the first glimpse i saw in past 2 years of my beloved friend. Oh sorry, my beloved best friend. Happiness pushing its way to her smile and so on mine. Describing my emotions exactly as they were at that very moment will not be an easy ordeal. We shared greetings and warm hugs and smiled at each other with a never ending rejoice. “Why are you so tall.” she said with that objection of hers to look up at me each time to see my expressions. And that was the moment i knew our friendship was back on track.

We laughed and talked and smiled and strolled all evening, me as always annoying her with most of my actions. But i know it was one of the best times of our lives. One that will always cling with our souls. The feeling of being with each other and celebrating our friendship is immeasurable. I finally got to pull her cheeks when she talks of something entirely cute, which i was really missing for a long time. To be frankly true, I got my friend back. Just to say, I have a best friend and i love her the most is. not acceptable until you really mean it. And what you mean reflects in your actions. I found out that day or more of realised that day, i have been with a lot of people and tried making good friends. But it turned out i never met someone who could take that place. Some people come to your life just to remain there even after the end. She is that one in mine. No matter how huge an argument we get into, or how worse the situations get we are friends. Or as she paces it, Each others Silent Support.

She is that special person in my life whom you can’t explain why they are of such importance to you. You cant think of a single reasons as there exists so many. It is not that you don’t want to tell or you don’t intend to, it is that you can’t find a suitable way or the words to express it. She really fancies this speciality of her in my life. Trust me i will express it when the capabilities are strong enough. This friend of mine is that puzzle piece which completes my life, and is the puzzle in it entirely.

I was startled at first to see those long hair, almost twice the length i remembered, and that too some of them have turned orange or brown. I didn’t exactly express in compliments but she looked pretty, very pretty. I think my mind was clouded with the happiness of that moment which allowed no other stuff to get processed. We spoke of likes and dislikes, happiness and sorrows that have been through those two years we couldn’t share together. Or even half of those. I feel precarious for those rough times and want to rewrite them. I don’t remember a single moment when the similes got off our faces. Oh what an evening it was! I could have spent the whole night and the day after it in that very place sharing moments of random talks on random pieces of our lives. But as for every good thing, that evening came to an end. I returned home with an empty stomach and an overflowing happy heart. Those precious moments so well spent are still finding corners to fit in this overflowing, happiness filled heart.

I remember smiling all the way back and the mob looking at me and fancying of a lunatic. Happiness kept me awake that night attempting to never end my joy.

PS : I love you the most in this world my best friend. We are friends forever and ever and ever and never to part again. Loads of hugs and kisses.

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